Spring 2024

A great first week back for year 5/6.

We have started our new topic in history: The Early Islamic Civilisation.

Our first task was to understand where this would fit on our historic timelines. This was completed by creating our own human timelines where we were tasked to order the key eras in history.

In PE, we have started to build up our throwing, catching and stepping skills in order to play netball.


This week, Y5/6 took part in an artistic workshop led by Zoe, an artist from the Baltic. 
The morning was filled with so many engaging and creative tasks. At first, they were tasked with building 3D shapes, out of a range of materials, without any further guidance.  Zoe was extremely impressed with their skills and ability to problem solve! The rest of the morning consisted of creating shapes with our bodies, abstract drawings and then bringing them to life with clay. In history, we challenged our memories by giving ourselves limited time to read and memorise information about Baghdad and its significance in the Islamic Empire, we then had to share this with our group. 
Monday was a great start to the week! Year 5/6 continued their sculpture topic and created their own using potatoes and followed this up by sketching their observations. 
In PE, we have continued to learn new skills in netball and have explored the techniques of dodging and defending. 

Year 5/6 have moved into their new classroom this week. They absolutely loved showing it off to their parents whilst sharing their impressive maths skills, with their adults, in our parent workshop.

In science, they have revised the parts of the plant using real flowers. This has prepared them for our life cycle work next week.

Our trip to ‘SafetyWorks!’, an interactive safety centre, provided us with innovative, enjoyable learning experiences enabling the children to participate safely in realistic situations illustrating every day hazards and how to prevent them. Here we joined mini workshops for fire safety, RNLI, anti-social behaviour, online safety, Nexus Metro and a well-being workshop. All of the children felt they left equipped many tools we can use to keep ourselves safe.


This year, Year 5/6 have been on a trip to the Life Centre as well as a visit from their planetarium. This week, we completed our live online chat with a range of STEM workers. The children were so enthusiastic and asked some great questions, resulting in some very informative answers.  They then went on to look at plant life cycles, using their impressive acting skills to act out the different parts of the cycle. As always, the children have enjoyed lots of partner work; this time using timers to gather as much information as possible!

Year 5/6 finished their history topic with an extra presentation which was planned and presented by some of our islamic experts! The children made notes and ended with a quiz. After looking at Islamic art, they were able to produce some impressive Islamic tiles using a range of geometric patterns. The disco was a great end to this great half term. After working so hard and busting those impressive moves on the dance floor, have a well-deserved break. 

In Year 5/6 we have been putting our reading skills to the test. Miss McMahon, Mrs Cafferkey and Mrs Carroll were blown away by their detailed and mature responses to our text: Rose Blanche.

In maths, we have started our measurement topic. We created a human, place value timeline to remind us how to multiply and divide by 10, 100, 1000 when converting between measurements.

We started our new science topic by looking at the human life cycle we presented the different stages in our books.

Our first session of rugby was a hit! It involved a range of games whilst introducing some new passing skills.

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