Support for Families

Christmas Lunches within the Community!
This is a ticket only event with a voluntary contribution. 
Donations towards provisions are greatly received!
This is so everyone can sit together as a community family on Christmas Day.
Everyone is welcome but there will be a limit on capacity.
If you are interested, please speak with Kayleigh Riches @Lemington Methodist Church
Lemington Methodist Church
Tuesday 9:30 -11:00am
Food bank
Clothes bank

Food bank
This provides a package of non perishable goods. 
A loaf of bread is included for the first 20 people kindly given by Warburtons.
Additional provision is prepared to support members of the household.

Clothes Bank (Tuesday)
This provides free clothes, shoes, coats, tampons and nappies for 0-16 years inclusive of uniforms. All are pre-loved. All donations welcome!
Free tea and toast for all. It’s a great environment for people to seek company as well as belonging in the community.
Thursday 5-7pm:
food bank is the same as above but with no bread.
No clothes bank.
Free dinner for anyone families welcome and we have crafts for children and a separate child meal offering.
Also a great opportunity for anyone seeking family in our community. This is not a means tested provision it’s for anybody.

Sunday 2pm  @West Denton Church.
Group worship and meeting for all (there are usually around 50 people with many people seeking community with others from their home country).
At St George's Catholic Primary School, we want to support our whole school community so we work closely with Children and Families in Newcastle. This locality supports the 'Outer West' community hub where there is further support available. Please take a look at 'What's on Offer' in our locality ...there may be something happening that could help you and your family. 

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