Measles update January 2024


1st January 2024

NHS Guidance re: the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)Vaccination is as follows:
The MMR vaccine is recommended with the first dose at the age one year of age and a second dose at age three years four months. For maximum protection, you need both doses of the MMR vaccine. Getting the NHS MMR vaccine is free and usually takes just a few minutes. You can book an appointment and catch up on the MMR vaccine at any age.  If you or your child have missed any MMR vaccinations or are unsure if your child is up to date, contact your GP practice to check. For children approaching their MMR vaccination age, your GP practice will be in touch to invite you to book an appointment when they are due. Parents and guardians can check their child’s red book to see if they are up to date with their MMR vaccinations.

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