Autumn 2023

We had a such a wonderful time during our Oliver Twist day. We had to pretend to be incredibly serious for this Victorian photo we took. 
We were busy counting in steps of 2 this week - the counting beads came in very handy when we reached the larger numbers!
We finished Oliver Twist on Wednesday and now the book lives in our reading area - ready for anyone to come and enjoy. 
Today we started to work with abstract numbers when counting in steps of 5. Then we tried our hands at completing some tricky problems involving counting in 5s.  
In RE we discussed what God's hopes and dreams were for us and we concluded that God probably has millions of hopes and dreams for us! As many as the stars in the night sky. We read these imagined hopes and dreams out in a mini class liturgy. 
We have our Gospel Values Assembly next week and have been busy practising a special song to accompany it. 
We are now part of the Jungle Club and here we are practising our spellings with Santo Snake. 
It was World Mental Health Day on Tuesday and as a result we read a story about positive mental health and shared some techniques for dealing with negative moods. After that, we role-played a character who was in a negative mood and a character who then shares a positive mental health technique with them. 
We finally showed our Respect Assembly to the other children in school. We really enjoyed putting on the show and we can't wait for our next performance! 
On Wednesday, we visited Newcastle upon Tyne's Quayside to find out what sort of materials they used for buildings, benches, bridges and shops. 
We visited Newcastle upon Tyne's Quayside to find out what sort of materials they used for buildings, benches, bridges and shops. 
We were celebrating Black History Month this week and  so we learnt  about many black British heroes and heroines. We also learnt about a Black hero from South Africa: Nelson Mandela. Here we are re-enacting his incredible story. 
We were able to finish our machine cards this week. Everyone has managed to design and make a congratulatory card featuring either a lever mechanism or a slider mechanism, along with their own chosen theme. Superb engineering from everyone. 
Because we are learning how to write sets of instructions in English, we thought it'd be a good idea to actually see how easy it is follow a written set of instructions: here we are making perfect jam sandwiches. 
Here we are feasting on the Challah Bread that we made with Mrs Powell, as part of our learning in RE. Challah is a Jewish bread made for special holidays in the Jewish calendar. 
We went to Ouseburn farm as part of our Science trip. Here we are identifying parents and offspring among a large number of guinea pigs and rabbits. They were all adorable. 
After the farm, we went over to Seven Stories to take part in a Story Time and to discover new stories. Here we are, completely enraptured by a reading of "I Am Bat" by Morag Hood. 
In science we were learning about the importance of exercise and how it's important that we move our muscles and get our hearts beating quickly every day. Here we are taking our pulse, to see what impact the exercise has had on our hearts. 
 It was a beautiful snowy day on Friday! Year 2 were making snowmen, snow angels and igloos. Some people just enjoyed flinging it around. 
As our topic is the Great Fire of London, we decided to create some art relating to this. First, we divided our page up into segments, indicating what colours we wanted to use for each segment. After that, we grabbed the chalk and got busy creating bands of colour, smudging the chalk when we wanted the 'smoky' effect. 
As part of our multiplication and division topic, we were focussing on odd and even numbers in maths. Miss Masterson shared a nice little ditty with us to help us remember the odd numbers: "1, 3, 5, 7 and 9, all odd socks on my washing line!" 
A very special person came to visit us this morning - Santa! When he came in, we were busy building our own Christmas sleighs out of Lego, so everyone was anxious to show him their inventions and plans.  
Here we are putting some finishing touches to our Christmas cards, and enjoying our utterly fantastic new classroom! 
We were making animations using the Scratch program: when we ran the program, the Titanic ran into the iceberg. 
We were making amounts of money during one of our maths lessons this week. We realised that the higher the amount, the greater variety of ways there are to make it. 
We are currently learning all about the Titanic, and the Year 1s learnt the events that led to its sinking by using role play. Can you guess what part of the story they are acting out here?
As part of our work around healthy eating we looked at how we break down and digest food. Here's a picture of us demonstrating what canine teeth do to our food. Superb actions. 

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