Spring 2024

As part of our work around healthy eating we looked at how we break down and digest food. Here's a picture of us demonstrating what canine teeth do to our food. Superb actions. 
We are currently learning all about the Titanic, and the Year 1s learnt the events that led to its sinking by using role play. Can you guess what part of the story they are acting out here? 
As part of our measurement topic, we are now looking at height and length. Before we did any measuring with cubes or centimetres, we tried to measure our heights just using our eyes. Children had to put themselves in height order but were not allowed to speak as they did it. 
As part of our work on hygiene in science, we looked at the effect that soap has on germs. After testing the germ (pepper) water with our fingers before washing our hands, we tested it again after using soap and found that the germs were repelled. 
w/b 12/2
Year 1/2 have had a very busy week!
We especially enjoyed making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. We had some fantastic flippers.
We also worked so hard learning a new song, that we were able to have a go at putting it to music, using the glockenspiels!

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