Autumn 2023

A great week with all things Oliver Twist. Y5/6 used the thrilling theatre production to inspire and create their own role plays of various scenes.
Our ukulele lesson was another hit with the children - some enthusiastic volunteers helped us out!
In French, we explored a map of France and its key cities/landmarks. 
A great week!

Year 5/6 started the week leading our values assembly – what an outstanding performance!

Looking at different climate zones and the links between rain, temperature and the equator.

Our first gymnastics lesson was a hit! Advanced traveling and balancing techniques.

Year 5/6 investigated the different phases of the moon using Oreos.
This was definitely a highlight of the week for them!
Year 6 have been super enthusiastic starting their new role as buddies. 
Year 5/6 have been introduced have a new role in school: Reading Buddies.
They have been paired up with children in Year 1 and Reception to spend some time reading stories.
There have been many other roles including our student leaders.
It has been a week full of responsibility. 
In Science they have been investigating constellations. They were tasked with creating their own flash cards and memorising as many as they could. The children created a range of their own games to test this. 
This week, we have been gathering evidence to write our very own news reports based on Oliver Twist.
We have started our new topic in RE and have explored how we can live out God's mission by creating character profiles for the ideal friend.
Our first trip out this year has been to: Newcastle Central Library.
Year 5/6 were so engrossed by their new books and even decided to read them on the bus home.  
What a busy final week before half term!
year 5/6 completed their Science topic: Earth and Space by creating their own solar system.
Year 6 put on a fantastic assembly with their buddies.
The last day was filled with party clothes and lots of dancing at the disco. 
What a first week back! Year 5/6 have been creating their own paper based databases and timing each other to see how quick they can categorize the different data fields.  
In science, we introduced our new topic: Forces.
This weeks investigation was testing the impact that the mass of an objects has on the force of gravity. We measured this using scales and newton meters. 
Our objective in RE was to understand the structure of a wedding ceremony. Y5/6 put their acting heads on and used role play to showcase their knowledge. 
It was great to see such enthusiasm and engagement during our : Planetarium Experience  from The Centre of Life.
We looked at all things space and investigated different shapes that can be formed/spotted through constellations.  
Year 5/6 have amazed the adults this week with their performances and writing in our Black History topic.
They blew us away with their expression, actions and varying tones whilst performing: The Undefeated. 
They used their skills to write their own versions of the poem.
Here is a sneak peek of their this space!

What a successful and engaging trip to The Life Centre this week.

Year 5/6 explored all things space.

This included: Testing out materials for a ‘Maximum Absorbency Garment’ which in simple terms is a space nappy.

Mrs Cafferkey even had to test out the absorbency over her head!

The rest of the day consisted of exploring the different areas, a visit to the planetarium and an interactive science show where Miss McMahon was used to demonstrate how water can act as barrier to fire.

Year 5/6 ended the week with an anti-bullying week activity. They all wrote definitions for bullying and how it would make someone feel.

We then shared ideas of how we could support others and put an end to bullying.

This week, Y5/6 have started their new English topic of: Persuasive Writing. 
They have explore the key features and used these to write and perform their own persuasive advert. 
This weeks investigation was air resistance. Year 5/6 looked at controlled, independent and dependent variables whilst using different objects to test out their theory: the bigger the object the longer it will take to pass through water. 

Year 5/6 started the week off by leading the lighting of our Christingles to mark the start of Advent.

In art, we have looked at a range of different painting techniques ready to select our favourite and create our own final pieces in the next few weeks. 

We ended the week by using our problem solving and reasoning skills in maths. Each person had 30 seconds to look at a hidden question and feed back to our groups about how to complete the task!

Another busy week in Y5/6! The pantomime was a huge hit and it definitely got us in the festive spirit. The children swapped roles from the audience to performers in our ukulele performance. There was not a note out of place and they put on an outstanding show. This week, we have been looking at different types of pressure we might face in our lives. The children used role play and conscience alley to act out a range of scenarios.

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