Spring 2024

Welcome back. Performance poetry has been great fun as we have used different voices, intonation and actions to help our understanding. 
We have also began glockenspiel this half term - it's a bit more tricky than it looks!  
We have written and performed our own poems this week, well done to everyone. Quiet time was appreciated by us all as we reflected on baptism and it's importance. 
With much excitement we have moved into our new classroom, which has been decorated and upgraded making a superb learning space for us all to enjoy!
We have been enjoying our new classroom this week. We have been learning all about the rosary and it's importance.
Fractions were really challenging, however everyone has made excellent progress through their hard work, well done.
We had an interesting time investigating parts of the world that are short of water and why .
Ball skills proved to be challenge in PE this week.
Apple's friends was an opportunity for us to examine rules that help us all to consider others and show respect for everyone.
We have also spent time this week thinking about how we can be kind to ourselves and why it's very important to take time to do things to help ourselves and each other.
Assembly was lead by year 3 and 4 this week as the children shared their learning about how pancake day is celebrated in different parts of the United Kingdom. They followed this with a thoughtful message about Ash Wednesday and it's importance.
Science was fun but tricky as we made paper helicopters and with the help of some paperclips investigated the effect of wind on the dispersal of seeds and the outcome of adding additional weight to our helicopters! 
Our swimmers have made amazing progress this half term. They have grown in both confidence and skills during these sessions and they have been true ambassadors with their respectful behaviour at the pool. Well done to you all!
Card games were a fun way to practice our times tables this week as the children took turns being games master for their group.
Computing began a new topic this half term as we examined how to make scratch, move turn and make a noise! Adding a background then a second character was tough but team work helped us !
Amazing, fantastic, awesome - we had a magical story time in our new library after investigating all of the character images on the walls!
STEAM activities have been a fun way to examine our world this week, including pendulums and being weather detectives 
Rugby with Newcastle Falcons is phenomenal - we are learning how to pass, catch and find a space on the pitch. We are learning new strategies and learning lots about ourselves too!
We have made remarkable progress in glockenspiel and can now play a wide variety of tunes with different beats - well done to everyone!
Analysing source material in our local history topic was very interesting and informative. We learned a lot about our local area, but also how source material may not be all that it seems!
We were delighted by the information provided by our local history society in class today. John was very informative and answered all of our questions! He also brought along some local artifacts from the glass works and some of us got very dirty hands from the coal.
Sadly, our glockenspiel lessons ended today, but we finished in triumphant style with an amazing performance for school and adults - well done all!
Swimmers have again made great progress this term a fantastic effort by all!
A Happy Easter to you all, I hope that you all have a restful break. 

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