Change of use of gates update 23.5.24


24th May 2024

Dear Parents and Carers of St George’s,

Polite Reminder RE: Change of use of gates at St George’s

As you know, from Monday 3 June 2024, we will be changing the way we use the two entrances at St George’s. This is to try and move the majority of the children coming into school away from the cul-de-sac on St George’s Terrace which has become dangerous for pedestrians due to unsafe and careless driving around drop off and collection time.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already started using the top gate on Ottringham Close. I cannot tell you how much we all appreciate your support. There was very little traffic on St George’s Terrace this morning and the whole morning school run experience felt so much safer for everyone. At drop off today, I took the opportunity to chat to any drivers dropping off children on St George’s Terrace to remind them of the change on June 3.

Just to confirm, the top gate on Ottringham Close will be open from 8.30am until 8.45am and 3.15pm until 3.30pm to allow for safe egress to and from the yard.

The gate on St George’s Terrace will only be used by:

-          Our Wraparound Care including Breakfast Club and After School Club

-          Any after school curriculum clubs led by staff

-          Visitors to school throughout the school day

We are very grateful for the feedback we have received so far re: this change and in response to this feedback, please see the following:

-          Any parents wanting to drop off their children by car in the morning at the top gates may do so safely as there will always be a member of staff present to support the children through the gates and down into school where other staff will be on the yard.

-          If you are parking up and walking your child/children into school, please park safely and considerately.

-          Any families who have any issues re: their child’s mobility, their own mobility or any other mobility concerns, please just contact school to let us know if you need to use the gate on St George’s Terrace. This may be all of the time or just on the odd occasion if someone else is collecting your child. We will consider each family’s case on an individual basis.

-          We will review the changes again in a few weeks’ time.

In addition to the above, we are also looking into funding to install a double handrail on the path down to the yard from the top gate and a new, larger gate at the entrance with lighting and an intercom system.

Again, I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by this change but we must put the safety of the children, our school and wider parish community first.

Please support St George’s with this important change to help keep all of our children and the wider school community safe.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Have a wonderful half-term holiday! 

Best wishes,

Mrs Anne Bullerwell

Executive Headteacher

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