Autumn 2023

This week year 3-4 had an exciting time being Hunter Gatherers as we followed in the footsteps of Stone Age Man.
We have also proved what amazing singers we are, singing our Patience song with gusto!

Our ball skills have continued to improve each week, however dribbling through the cones was far trickier than it looked!


Making skeletons and singing songs about bones ensured that we know all about our bones – and we learnt a few unusual facts along the way!

Year 3 -4 had an interesting science lesson making a model to investigate how our biceps and triceps worked. We then made lots of movements with our own arms to check if our model was correct!

Maths was challenging as we used our equipment to answer increasingly larger values with our addition and subtraction. We were amazed at how many questions we could answer with our number facts!

Year 3 and 4 had an amazing time on Monday when we went to Durham University. The university were very impressed with our prior knowledge as we explained the 3 ages of the stone age. We were all astounded to be handling artefacts from the stone age and curious to discover what they were used for.

In the afternoon we visited the museum and were detectives investigating what we know about the stone age and how we know that. An incredible day with lots of learning, but also lots of fun!

Year 3 and 4 have shown an amazing improvement in their gymnastics skills well done to everyone.

Year 3-4 have begun investigating light this week. We have examined how we see things and also which surfaces can reflect light the best.
During geography this week we have been using an atlas and a globe to begin exploring our world. We have investigated what information we can get from each of these sources and what links we can make. We have also examined the lines of latitude and longitude, using our atlas to practice using them. 
Year 3 had an amazing day at Sacred Heart high School on Tuesday where they participated in 4 sessions - dance, mime, singing and playing African Drums. Well done to everyone who fully participated in all of the sessions and were a credit to St.George's.
Year 3-4 have continued their RE topic this week by investigating Jesus' family tree. We created a 'class tree' made up of baubles, each of which was designed by the children with a symbol to represent their own family.
Our history heroes had a very interesting in the time archives at our central library. We had access to lots of local information and maps - we had a sneak peak behind the scenes as we learned how these documents are stored.
Year 3-4 were amazing this afternoon as they sang carols and Christmas songs for the shoppers in the Grainger Market - well done to all!
We enjoyed making our Christingles at the start of the week then attending a very thoughtful service.
In science this week we investigated how a shadow was made. We then experimented with changing the position of both our hands and the light source to see what effect this had on our shadow puppets.
What a busy week in year 3-4. We have improved our balance and gymnastics skills hugely and have enjoyed our final session this week.
Making light boxes in science was great fun and was an opportunity to investigate how shadows were made, then we investigated the effect of moving the distance and angle of our light source.
Pantomime - what an amazing time we had watching Cinderella with the rest of the school, we sang, shouted and laughed all afternoon - brilliant!
Merry Christmas to all - what a busy week completing all of our modules of work, making Christmas cards and dancing at a disco, finished off with a surprise visit from Santa!

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